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    How to Save Money When You Live Paycheck to Paycheck

    Saving is hard even in the best of financial circumstances. It’s even harder when you’re living paycheck to paycheck or just starting out your career on a tight salary and budget. A savings account with a little emergency fund should be one of your first financial goals, however, because it starts building that “savings” muscle and momentum for your larger money objectives. It takes discipline, but it’s not impossible to get even $1,000 of savings under your belt if you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

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    10 Things Healthy Women Do Daily

    Have you ever been around someone who just radiates health? I’m talking clear skin, fit, in shape, radiant skin, happy and healthy from the inside out… If you know someone like this, you might’ve wondered what their secret is. What’s the magic potion that makes them so healthy?